Thursday, July 19, 2018

Ms. Hen reviews In Evil Hour

In Evil Hour
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Avon Books
Translated from the Spanish by Gregory Rabassa

Ms. Hen decided to read this book because she has read every other novel by Marquez, and she wanted to finish them all. This is not considered his best book, but it is his first published novel. Ms Hen didn’t like this as much as she liked the others. She thinks there may have been something wrong with the translation, because the prose is not as liquid and glorious as the other books she has read.

Even so, there are hints of the genius to come in this novel. Some elements of other novels appear, such as a telegraph office, and twisted love affairs. Ms Hen thinks that some writers have distinct styles that echo in all their works. Marquez is one of those writers whose voice carries in the scope of his writing. Another author who Ms. Hen believes follows this tradition is Haruki Murakami. All his books are fantastic, but they are similar and have recognizable traits.

Even though Ms. Hen doesn’t think this is the best Marquez novel ever, she finds it worthwhile to look back to where he started, to see the how the seed of brilliance first sprouted.

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