Sunday, March 18, 2018

Ms. Hen writes things

Ms. Hen does not just review things, she also writes things, as you may have read before. Here are a few of the stories she has published recently.

"The Problem with Filou"

"Sugar-Free Caramel Girl" Amazon
Tell-Tale Inklings #3

"Small Steps"

In case you're wondering why Ms. Hen turned yellow, and why there are two Ms. Hens, I bought the yellow one because the original Ms. Hen is a little beaten up, and has a hole in her. I wanted to buy a new brown one, but the brown one is not for sale anymore! I bought the yellow Ms. Hen instead, and she's more noticeable the the brown one. Everyone likes the yellow Ms. Hen, and her official name is Madamoiselle Hen.


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