Tuesday, October 6, 2015


October 1 – 10, 2015
2 Arrow Street
Cambridge, MA

Ms. Hen didn’t want to see KANSAS CITY CHOIR BOY, but her hen sister is a huge fan of Courtney Love, so she was convinced to go, and was glad she did.

Ms. Hen goes to the theater often enough, more than ordinary people, but this was a different kind of theater experience. It’s performed in Oberon, the second stage of the A.R.T. in Cambridge in Harvard Square. Ms. Hen had never been there, and even though she had the obstructed view seats, she could see well.

The play is a concept album and a love story. A man, sitting in his room, listening to music on his computer, sees on TV that his ex-girlfriend who had gone to New York to pursue acting has died. He writhes in his memories and pain, thus the premise.

Courtney Love, as the girlfriend, gives a sultry and sensual performance. Ms. Love doesn’t act any differently than you’ve seen her before, but this time, she’s so close you get to see exactly how dirty her hair is that particular day. Ms. Hen loved it. Even though she may not be a dedicated Courtney fan, she reveled in witnessing this spectacle.

The character’s name is Athena and they burn with love for each other, but she dreams of a life that is far from Kansas City, similar to many people who strive for fame and success.

Todd Almond, the writer and star of the play, sizzles with talent. His voice and his stage presence shine. He and Ms. Love have sparkling chemistry, and Ms. Hen was immersed in their performances. She was entranced with the love story.

She was also dazzled with the lighting of the show.  Light bulbs moved across the stage area, and they danced with the music. Strobe lights shone and the lights perfectly contributed to the performance.

There was also a type of Greek Chorus called the Sirens, women who sang and danced and added to the tapestry of the show. They all looked different, and were all one, but separate at the same time.

The play reminded Ms. Hen of stories of people who have loved someone who has died prematurely, such as Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. When Ms. Hen watched this play, she felt the urgency of an ill-fated love affair, and the fact that the actors sing the entire time propels the show along.

KANSAS CITY CHOIR BOY is a rock opera, musical concept album and a good party. It’s only an hour long, which Ms. Hen thought worked well for the format. Fans of Courtney Love should go to see her in her element. She could be this character. She is this character. Reaching for the stars, leaving the past behind. Striving towards fame, the ill-fated siren. Ms. Hen gives this play five enthusiastic feathers up.

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