Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ms. Hen gives some books to The Little Free Library in Cambridge

Ms. Hen Gives Some Books to the Little Free Library in Cambridge

Ms. Hen has taken out a few books from the Little Free Library at Harvard, which is behind Harvard Yard, in front of the Science Center. She decided to put those books back, and put a few more, some of which she has written reviews, and some she read a while ago, so she has not reviewed those.

1.     COLD MOUNTAIN by Charles Frazier -This is Ms. Hen’s review http://mshenreviewsthings.blogspot.com
2.     EMPIRE FALLS by Richard Russo - Read Ms. Hen’s review here http://mshenreviewsthings.blogspot.com/2015_05_01_archive.html
3.     ANIMAL CRACKERS by Hannah Tinti – Ms. Hen has not reviewed this because she read it years ago, but she loved it. It’s a book of short stories about animals, and Ms. Hen especially loved the one about the giraffes.
4.     THE RING OF BRIGHTEST ANGELS AROUND HEAVEN by Rick Moody – Ms. Hen got this book from The Little Free Library. You can read her review here http://mshenreviewsthings.blogspot.com/2015/06/ms-hen-reviews-ring-of-brightest-angels.html
5.     LELIA by George Sand – Ms. Hen tried to read this book, but she couldn’t get through it. She respects George Sand, and thinks she’s a great writer, but Ms. Hen thinks there could be something wrong with the translation.
6.     HYSTERA by Leora Skolkin-Smith – Ms. Hen didn’t like this one. She’s giving it away because she wants to get rid of it.
7.     THE BLIND ASSASIN by Margaret Atwood – Ms. Hen loved this. Read her review here http://mshenreviewsthings.blogspot.com/2015/08/ms-hen-reviews-blind-assassin.html

If you live in Cambridge, or nearby, you can go and get these books out of the library for free! And if you do, you should post on my blog to see if have the same opinions as Ms. Hen, and the two of you can get into a discussion and make feathers fly! Or you could cluck together, like chickens in the coop.

Happy Reading!

Ms. Hen

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