Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ms. Hen reviews Jitters, one of her favorite places

Jitters Café
12 Main Street, Oak Grove Village
Melrose, MA 02176

Ms. Hen believes a coffee shop is not a place simply to get coffee. She thinks that they are places for people to go to get a different perspective. She has been going to Jitters in Melrose for two years and enjoys it as a place of respite.

Ms. Hen is a particular hen when it comes to coffee.  And the coffee at Jitters is good: amply caffeinated, with a decent flavor selection. The lattes and Americanos are also excellent. Ms. Hen likes to go to Jitters in the afternoon after lunch to sit and drink coffee and either read or do work. In the summer, Ms. Hen’s favorite iced coffee is the coconut, and in the fall, she favors the pumpkin.

Ms. Hen has had lunch at Jitters on several occasions. Her favorite Panini is the Panino, a tomato mozzarella sandwich with heavenly balsamic vinegar on the side. She also loves the Greek salad with chicken. All the sandwiches and salads are made fresh to order. They also have gelato in the summer, and muffins and baked goods all year round. The scent of muffins baking in the store tantalizes the customers.

The café is comfortably decorated in warm tones with lots of art about coffee hanging on the walls. There are couches and booths where people can cozy up and sit all day if they so desire. Jitters is rarely crowded during the week in the afternoon; however, on the weekends especially in the morning, the place can be packed.

Ms. Hen went to have lunch with one of her hen friends at Jitters recently. She decided to try something different and have a chicken salad sandwich. It usually comes on a croissant, but she asked for whole wheat bread instead, and the cashier was obliging. The sandwich came with cheese, which Ms. Hen thought was a little strange, but she still liked it.

Ms. Hen’s friend got the chicken pesto sandwich, which she said was her favorite. It comes with cheese and pesto and the delicious balsamic vinegar on the side. Ms. Hen and her hen friend both really like chicken. When Ms. Hen decides to write a restaurant review, she usually orders chicken because she wants to eat something that is delicious. She is not a cannibal; she just has good taste.

The people who work at Jitters are always friendly. Most of the customers who go to Jitters are regulars, so a lot of the time there aren’t any weirdoes in the store. Ms. Hen doesn’t like weirdoes in coffee shops. She’s not weird; she’s a good customer, and she expects everyone else to be as well.

Ms. Hen will continue to patron Jitters in Melrose for as long as she can. She enjoys the relaxing atmosphere at the coffee shop, and you can probably find her sitting in the last booth with a book or her laptop on a weekday afternoon sipping an iced coffee, soaking in the pleasure.

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