Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Ms. Hen raves about Busboys and Poets

Busboys and Poets
14th and V Streets
Washington D.C.

Ms. Hen has not done that many restaurant reviews, but she experienced a great place on her trip to Washington D.C. that she has to share. She found a café in the neighborhood where she was staying, the U Street Corridor, called Busboys and Poets. She was intrigued by the name of the place because she likes poets, so she had lunch there one day.

When she got to the place, the host asked her if she wanted to sit at a table, a couch or the bar. She was intrigued by the options, but she was having lunch, so she sat at a table in the café, and she was given a seat near the window. The place was beautiful, decorated with art on the walls, with funky chairs and couches in the middle. She felt comfortable there.

The waitress who took her order was very smiley. She smiled a lot. At everyone. A group of what looked like high maintenance women sat in the middle and ate French fries and she smiled at them.

Ms. Hen ordered a chicken salad sandwich and it was outstanding. The side salad tasted like no other salad Ms. Hen had ever had. The dressing seemed like it was made with magic. She had coffee afterwards and that was fabulous as well.

Ms. Hen was so impressed with Busboys and Poets that she went back for dinner the next day. She had to wait for a couple of minutes for a table so she went to the bookstore and bought a book. The store is a little different from other bookstores she’d visited. It is a non-profit bookstore run by a group called Teaching for Change.

Ms. Hen did research about the store later and she discovered that the bookstore only sells certain kinds of books, ones with a socially conscious message, or by a minority or a woman and the book must fulfill the mission of the non-profit. Ms. Hen thinks this is a beautiful way to run a bookstore. In order to sell a book in the store, it has to fit the criteria and be approved by the committee.

After Ms. Hen bought her book, she sat at a table and was greeted by another very happy waitress. She wondered what they did to these waitresses to make them smile so much. She thought they might just be so happy they work at such a cool place that they can’t help but smile.

Ms. Hen ordered a falafel salad and it was breathtaking. She sat and looked at the people having dinner. There were young people and families with children. Different kinds of people ate there, and everyone seemed relaxed.

Ms. Hen loved Busboys and Poets and wished there was someplace like that where she lives. There are cool places in Cambridge and Somerville, but they’re not everything at the same time: a bookstore, a café, a bar, an art gallery and a place to have readings. There are a few locations of Busboys and Poets around the D.C. area. Being there made her feel content. Ms. Hen loves being in a new place, discovering new things. Ms. Hen could discover all the cool places, if only she could go everywhere. A hen can only dream.

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