Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ms. Hen reviews the All Seasons Table and questions the possibility of Mongolian shrimp

All Seasons Table Modern Asian Cuisine
64 Main Street Malden MA

Ms. Hen recently dined at the All Seasons Table in Malden Square. The All Seasons is a Pan-Asian restaurant, an oasis in the center of Malden. If a hen wants to get away from the sketchy people wandering around Malden and relax, All Seasons is the place to go.

Ms. Hen and her chickens ate appetizers and lunch. The star of the appetizers was the crispy calamari. It was crunchy and had the right amount of flavor. The crab rangoon and the chicken fingers were excellent as well.  All of the meals that were ordered came with soup, and the hot and sour soup was as it should be, with some spice in it and the right amount of vegetables and tofu.

Ms. Hen ordered Mongolian sesame chicken (of course), and her chicken friends ordered shrimp with lobster sauce, General Gau’s chicken, Mongolian sesame shrimp and chicken with green beans. All the chickens around the table clucked about how scrumptious their food tasted. Ms. Hen had never had Mongolian chicken before, and she wanted to try something different because she is an adventurous eater, and she was delighted with her choice. It had sesame, onions and scallions, and she thought it was delicious.

Ms. Hen’s chicken friend who ordered the Mongolian shrimp said, “Dude, how can there be Mongolian shrimp?” They all thought about it, and Ms. Hen said, “But we’re not in Mongolia, we’re in New England. And we do have shrimp here.” So the question was answered. It’s the flavor of the Mongolian shrimp. It’s not actually from there.

The All Season Table has a variety of different kinds of Asian food on the menu. There is Chinese food, a wide sushi selection, Malaysian food, Thai food and more. The restaurant is beautifully decorated, and is comfortable. And fresh cut flowers decorate the ladies room.

Ms. Hen is looking forward to her next visit to the All Seasons. She doesn’t know which kind of chicken she’ll get next time, but she knows it will probably be excellent because she enjoys chicken. She’s not a cannibal. She just has eclectic taste.

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